Monday, June 30, 2014

CONNECT and RESPECT across Countries and Cultures

It's not every day that we get to learn cool words and expressions from an English teacher who also happens to be a talented rap artist. Because it's even less often that we hear about an English teacher that takes his English-through-music-method (Collolearn) to different corners of the world.

And that's because there aren't many English-as-a-second-language teachers quite like Jason R. Levine... aka Fluency MC.

Below you will find a LESSON based on his latest lingo boom box hit which has him groovin and movin through the beautiful streets of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. You see, Jase had been on a teaching tour of the North African country for the second time, when he took time out to shoot the music video with production from a top local crew.

Like everything Jase does, there are two concepts that shine through: connect and respect. After all, Fluency MC's music is meant to connect learners with the English language through music and it's meant to do it with respect.

So, respectfully, you're invited to watch the clip and connect with new words and expressions provided in the lyrics and explanations below. Enjoy!

Fluency MC. NJ, USA and Paris. MK and DJ Ghost, La Tunisie.
Worldwide, don’t hide, build your pride, come inside and let’s ride…

Hey, Tunisia. Respect and connect. Across countries and cultures
our intellects intersect. We’re holding it down to raise each other up,
letting learning erupt. Come and fill up your cup.

It’s Fluency MC in the place to be, feeling the high energy of
La Tunisie. Tunisian students and teachers, I’m thrilled to be with them.
Thanks to Gallery Languages and the Space of Wisdom, led by
Salwa Abid. With C the P, we take the lead, moving ahead at top speed,
giving learners what they need to gain unlimited access.

From Tunis to Sfax, it’s on in Djerba and Sousse; we’re turning
fun in learning loose in every spot that we can. Don’t be mistaken.
Gafsa, Gabes, Bizerte, Msakken, and Nabeul. We’re bringing
motivation to the table because once you’re engaged, your brain’s
no longer caged. You can grow what you know out on the world stage.

Hey, Tunisia. Respect and connect. Across countries and cultures
our intellects intersect. We’re holding it down to raise each other up,
letting learning erupt. Come and fill up your cup.

They say, ‘strike when the iron’s hot’ and it’s aflame! Across North Africa
they know my name. Fluency MC is building crazy game with Strategos,
DJ Ghost, and MK catching fame. With Collo and Spark, I shifted
out of park. Here we go. In Morocco, I left my mark. Greeted Tunisia,
and when I disembarked, it was on from the start: hit it out of the park.
Took a plane to Bahrain to teach and entertain. At dawn I was gone,
woke up in Oman; then to the Holyland and on to Jordan.

This is much more than a trend; it won’t end; we’ll keep soaring.
The family spirit is spreading far and wide. Learning through fun is being
magnified, even dignified as we multiply; so many passionate learners
are along for the ride. I’ll be your guide and remain at your side and
provide the support that will quicken your stride. 

I’d never abandon you,never leave you hanging; come with lessons that 
are heat and beats that are banging. I’m in this to win this, committed long-term
With the Fluency Fam, you know my team’s confirmed. Tunisia, I needed you.
I had to return. Yo, Globe: I’m going to show you how to flow while you learn.
If you’re not having fun, you ought to be concerned.

Take the stress out of your lessons when you teach (taught, taught)
because the blessings we’ve got are our kids and their thoughts become
the seeds that are planted for their deeds of tomorrow. It’s time to
invest, not to beg or borrow. Follow Jase, with haste your base will
grow when you collo.

Hey, Tunisia. Respect and connect. Across countries and cultures
our intellects intersect. We’re holding it down to raise each other up,
letting learning erupt. Come and fill up your cup.

Fluency MC © 2014 Jason R. Levine and ColloLearn, LLC
Respect Tunisia
Fluency MC. NJ, USA and Paris. MK and DJ Ghost, La Tunisie.


  • intersect: (v) to meet and cross at one or more points
  • fill up: (ph. v) to completely fill a container; to be completely satisfied
  • hold something down: (ph.v., slang) to take care of business / to stay cool
  • raise someone up: (ph.v.) to hold someone up high: to support someone in need
  • erupt: (v) to erupt like a volcano
  • turn something loose: (ph.v.) to set something free
  • engaged: (adj) the condition of having your attention totally focused on something you like
  • caged: (adj) trapped or limited in your ability to move
  • the world stage: (metaphor) seeing the world as a stage and ourselves as actors on it
  • strike when the iron is hot: (idiom) do something when you have the chance to do it
  • aflame: (adj) to be on fire
  • leave your mark: (idiom) to leave something that represents you in a place where you have been
  • to hit it out of the park: (metaphor, baseball) another way to say, "make a home-run" which is to score big in baseball
  • trend: (noun) a recent pattern that repeats
  • soaring: (v) flying high
  • magnified: (adj) becoming more important
  • dignified: (adj) a respectable thing to do
  • leave someone hanging: (idiom) to abandon someone in a moment of need
  • long-term: (expression) refers to something that has been planned for a long duration
  • ought to be concerned: (collocation) should be worried about something
  • haste: (noun) speed in motion


Did you enjoy the song? Ok, listen to the song again. Read the lyrics again. Check out the vocab again. And now, have fun making your own sentences.

Here are questions to give you ideas or to discuss with your Class or Self-Study Group. Use a dictionary if you don't know any other words.

  1. What things intersect?
  2. What things can you fill up?
  3. Have you ever held it down in a tough situation? What happened?
  4. Have you ever raised someone up? What was the situation?
  5. When was the last time a volcano erupted? (Don't know... Google it)
  6. What would you do if a wild animal was turned loose in your city or town? (Start with "if")
  7. In which learning situations are you most engaged?
  8. Have you ever felt caged, even though you weren't really in a cage?
  9. What are some ways that people today can get out on the world stage?
  10. Why do people say it's better to strike when the iron is hot?
  11. What do you think is the football (soccer) equivalent of hitting it out of the park?
  12. Do you follow the latest trends in fashion? Why or why not?
  13. If someone is soaring in debt, what is their situation?
  14. Why would a scientist magnify the image of a bacteria she is studying?
  15. Do you feel dignified if someone recognizes your hard work?
  16. Would you be offended if your friends left you hanging when you were going through difficulties?
  17. What problems have a long-term solution?
  18. We ought to be concerned about many world problems. Could you name a few?
  19. She left in a haste. What does that mean?
  20. What does connect and respect mean to you?

When you finish, come back to Fluency MC's song and video again. You'll see you'll have a deeper understanding of the lyrics. And as Jase always says, relax, repeat... remember.

And above all, don't forget to...

Connect and Respect!