Sunday, July 31, 2011

Talking about movies – Part II

You loved Part I so much, we decided to do a second part.

Here in Part II, we provide you more cool voca
bulary you can use next time you're talking about movies and the things that make them unique and even ridiculous.

B film
: a low budget movie, possibly with a second rate cast and production
Backstory: the events that happened before a movie begins (backstories are sometimes revealed with flashbacks or opening text)
Blooper: Mistakes made by actors or the film crew while the movie is being filmed
Extra: An actor in a film or TV show that has no spoken parts
Flick: another way to say movie
Foreshadowing: Something in the movie that suggests what is going to happen next
Prequel: A second or third movie in a series that takes place in time before the original movie
Damsel in distress: a beautiful young woman placed in danger by a villain, but eventually rescued by the hero
Slapstick: Comedy that uses a lot of funny, harmless, violence
Green screen: A screen used to film actors and actresses, that is later replaced by a virtual background.


1. Ed Wood was one of the most famous directors of B films during the 1950s.
2. The backstory of each Star Wars episode is presented as a text in scroll at the beginning of each movie.
3. A common blooper in movies is when a microphone or a member of the crew appear in the middle of the action.
4. I have friend who's worked as an extra on a famous movie.
5. The girls met at the mall to watch the same flick for the third time.
6. The black raven in the scene foreshadows the return of the dark forces.
7. The prequel of the original movie tells the story of why the bad guy became a gangster.
8. Kim Bassinger played the damsel in distress in the Batman movie starring Michael Keaton.
9. Charlie Chaplin was the master of slapstick comedy.
10. The movie 300 was mostly filmed on a green screen studio.

And speaking of ridiculous, we invite you to check out some of the biggest bloopers in movie history.

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