Monday, February 28, 2011


Last post, we discussed what phrasal verbs were essentially about. Today, we'll look at examples, starting with the letter A.

ACHE FOR - want something a lot
Ex. Tom's aching to go surfing again next weekend.

ACT ON - take action as a result of information obtained or of an event
Ex. Acting on evidence found at the crime scene, police are now looking for two suspects instead of one.

ACT UP - behave badly or strangely
Ex. I called you here because your son has been acting up all week in class.

ADD UP -to be a satisfactory explanation for something.
Ex. If you left your house an hour ago, you couldn't have been here for the past two hours. Something doesn't add up!

ANSWER FOR - be responsible for someone or something
Ex. Mary is the team leader, so she'll have to answer for any of its members.

ASK OUT - invite someone on a date (can also be expressed as "Take out")
Ex. I wanted to ask her out, but she's already got a date for the dance.

ASK OVER - invite to your home or place
Ex. Forget about the dance, ask her over to your place next time.

And speaking of aching and not having the nerve to ask or take someone out, here's a song from Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand that deals with just that. Check it out and practice today's phrasals!

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